Dear cluster workshop participants,

first of all, welcome! We have weeks and months of exciting work, discussions, talks, dinners, and outdoor activities ahead of us!

We will have our organizational meeting tomorrow morning at 11am in the Small Seminar Room on the first floor of KITP.
We have rescheduled it from today (sorry for the late notice) because a few people are still arriving today.

As many of you heard, however, there will be an opportunity for an informal get together today at 5pm for Wine and Cheese - event that will be held biweekly.

At the meeting we will discuss possible workshop activities, workshop wiki, etc. Bring ideas for the kind of things you want to do at the workshop.
We cannot over-emphasize that this is YOUR workshop and you should shape it as much as you can. We are here to help and coordinate the activities, but things to do and discuss is entirely up to you.

Our (coordinators) main idea so far is to avoid over-scheduling events. At the same time, we would like to have venue for people to get together on a regular basis to discuss ideas and each others work. We will discuss this and other issues tomorrow.

One feature we would like to bring to your attention right away is that we have the workshop wiki setup at:
http://gclusters11.wikispaces. com/
Marty Einhorn from KITP will give a brief overview and tutorial for how to use it. We will be putting relevant info there and we encourage you to use it to setup discussion groups, organize dinners, hiking trips, etc. If anyone is into blogging, you can set up a workshop blog there as well.

See you tomorrow!