New Worlds, New Horizons:
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2010 Decadal Survey

2010 Panel Reports

This report below is quite interesting, as it responds to the reality that NASA is likely not to be allocated sufficient funds to respond to the survey.
Implementing the Recommendations from New Worlds, New Horizons Survey

JWST, as it experiences cost over-runs, may eat the lunch of any new mission, including WFIRST.

That said, is there any cluster science (including weak lensing) to consider for a wide-field IR imaging mission?

In this limited resource environment, IXO is far off. What if anything could be done with a smaller X-ray mission than IXO?

We heard today we need to measure dispersions in scaling relations as a function of cluster mass and redshift. What will upcoming surveys accomplish? DES, eRosita, WFXT, LSST, SPT, Planck ...