In this Wiki we will collect thoughts on the non-thermal content of galaxy clusters, such as turbulence, magnetic fields and cosmic rays.

I will try and find a suitable time to hold regular discussion meetings. One suggestion has been every Thursday at 10 am.
Hallman: I second the time of 10 on thursday.
Oh: 10 on Thurs is fine w/ me too. Though realize that we'll have the usual tea/lunch 11:30--1 p.m. and seminar from 3:30-5 p.m., so that day is pretty packed.

Please list your favourite topic of discussion below.


Topics for discussion

  • What is the effect of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters (MTI, HBI, overstabilities...)
  • What is the origin and effect of cosmic rays in galaxy clusters (Fermi-I/II, AGN, CR diffusion)
  • What do simulations and observations tell us about the nature of turbulence in galaxy clusters

Suggestions for tutorials from the turbulence workshop

  • MHD turbulence, turbulent dynamos
  • measurements of turbulence, turbulent spectra (how to measure it in stratified environments)?
  • subgrid models of turbulence
  • particle acceleration in turbulent plasmas (Fermi-I)

Some other stuff

White paper on Theory in the VO

Presentation on Theory in the VO

3/10/11 Discussion with Alex Lazarian
Papers relevant to the discussion:
Lazarian & Beresnyak (2006), MNRAS, 373, 1195
Brunetti & Lazarian (2011), arXiv:1011.1198

Presentation for Joint Session with Turbulence workshop

by Marcus Br├╝ggen on 3/10/11