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Fulai Guo

UC Santa Cruz My work is focused on numerical simulations of galaxy clusters, particularly the effects of AGN feedback and cosmic rays on the evolution of the intracluster medium.

Eric Hallman

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Currently I am working on numerical cosmological simulations focused on the properties of the ICM. The main thrust is creating large samples of numerical clusters, synthetic observations and mock surveys to compare with observational data.

Andrey Kravtsov

(The University of Chicago) I am modeling formation of structures in the Universe using cosmological simulations. I am particularly interested in studying formation of galaxy clusters and the faintest dwarf galaxies. You can find the complete list of my publications (including the most recent ones) here.

Adam Mantz

NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center)
I am interested in the observations (primarily X-ray) used for cluster cosmology, and especially the analysis methodology required to optimally and fairly use the available data. The latter subject in particular touches on astrophysical properties of clusters that influence their global scaling relations and detection in blind surveys.

Dan Marrone

Peng Oh

UCSB I am a theorist working in physical cosmology. I am particularly interested in the intergalactic and intracluster medium, and reionization.

Elena Rasia

University of Michigan. My work is focused on linking numerical simulations and X-ray/lensing observations. Creating and analyzing mock observations, I aim to better understand biases on different quantities (mass, temperature, gas mass, metallicity). Recently, I've been working on few projects on scaling relations.

Eduardo Rozo

My primary interest is exploring how optical survey data can contribute to cluster cosmology, but directly and in conjunction with data at other wavelengths (X-ray, SZ). I led the SDSS maxBCG cluster cosmology analysis, and I am involved with the Dark Energy Survey and LSST.

Mark Voit

Michigan State University
I'm interested in both the astrophysical and cosmological aspects of galaxy clusters. My work includes theoretical modeling and interpretation of observations and numerical simulations.