Santa Barbara Cluster Standards Project




Dick Bond, Megan Donahue, Gus Evrard, Andrey Kravtsov, Surhud More, Eduardo Rozo, Mark Voit

1. Mass Definition Standards

1.1 Friends-of-Friends Masses

1.2 Spherical-Overdensity Masses

1.3 Algorithms for Centering and Mass Assignment of Spherical Halos

1.4 Mass-Definition References

2. X-ray Property Standards

2.1 X-ray Luminosity

2.2 X-ray Temperature

2.3 X-ray Gas Mass

2.4 X-ray Thermal Energy Content

3. Optical Property Standards

3.1 Richness Measures

3.2 Velocity-Dispersion Measures

3.3 Total Stellar Luminosity

3.4 Total Stellar Mass

4. Lensing Property Standards

4.1 Line-of-Sight Mass

4.2 Spherical-Template Mass

5. S-Z Property Standards

5.1 S-Z Thermal Energy Content