It is time to start our discussion on Scaling Relations.
As a first step, it will be useful to have a short presentation of our own works and, since most of us was interested on the subject, we decided to organize it during lunch.
Today we will listen to some Planck-related results. We will devote tomorrow lunch to simulators and go back to observers next week.
Please add you name if you want to give a short presentation (~5-10 min per paper).

(Perhaps we will need to split these presentations over multiple days, or schedule an afternoon session.)

Hsiang-Yi Yang
Daisuke Nagai
Elena Rasia ("Scaling relation in two situations of extreme mergers" APJ,729,45,
"X-ray mass proxies from hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters (paper I)" fabjan.etal.2011 I copied the accepted version in pdf)

Gus Evrard report from "Massive Halos Millennium Gas Simulations: Multivariate Scaling Relations", Stanek etal 2010.
Marcus Bruggen
Andrey Kravtsov "Scatter and bias in WL mass estimates" (brief report on results of Becker & Kravtsov arXiv/1011.1681)
Massimo Meneghetti "Lensing masses from simulated observations and biases in the SL cluster population" (Meneghetti et al. 2010a,2010b)

Adam Mantz
Dan Marrone
Eduardo Rozo
Ming Sun (groups)