Just add things you want to share, do, or organize here.

Survivor's Party (Apr 21)

The end is nigh! We are (sadly) almost at the end of the workshop, 12 weeks of loitering at the crossroads. To mark the end of our revels, we'll have a Survivors' Party on Thurs at my place. Time: Thurs Apr 21, 6:00 p.m. till whenever. Place: 952 West Campus Lane (UCSB faculty housing)
Driving directions are here:


and you can park your car in any parking slot not obviously associated with a house. (it's kind of in the boonies, so if you think you're lost, you probably aren't).
If you are biking, I can lead a group back at ~5:40 p.m. It's 10 mins biking/driving dist from KITP.
My cell is (805) 259 9090 if you run into trouble. Details: It's potluck/BYOB, just like beach party, except it'd be good to bring some food as well. There's outdoor BBQ grills if you want to grill. I'll provide: beer, pizza, charcoal. Significant others, kids are all very welcome. There's a playground right outside my place (also where the BBQ pits are). Disclaimer: the outdoor space is pretty big, but indoor space is relatively cosy. Anyway, I think we are all friends now. The complex has a pool and large hot tub so bring your swimsuit if you want to pool party. If you have cool tunes, bring your iPod and we can play it. I only have nerdy music and ABBA, which will aggravate everyone.

Who brings what:

Marcus: Softdrinks
Doug: wine, veggie burgers
Chris : red wine, (real) burgers, sausages, burger buns
Prateek: salsa + tortilla chips
Christoph: homemade cake
Mateusz and Jess: couscous salad with oranges

Weekly Friday Beach Social

We will be gathering on the Goleta Beach at 4pm each Friday for informal interactions at the end of the week and to enjoy the ocean. The beach is 5 min walk from KITP and has ample parking.
Families and significant others are very welcome! The first gathering was at 4pm on Friday, Feb 4, 2011. (Photos here.)

If 4pm is too early in the day for you, just come by later when you feel like it. There is good light until 5:30pm right now, and at least some light until 6pm.

Coordinators only organize this. We will (try to remember to) bring bottle opener and some plastic glasses. Bring your favorite wine or drink and share it with others. This is the way to taste more than what you bring.

This will be a good time to discuss science (if you are not yet tired after a week of discussions), organize Friday dinner out, weekend activities, etc. After our gathering you can enjoy walk along the Goleta beach pier or Beach Side cafe by the park for drinks and/or dinner.

Ellwood Cliffs/Coronado Butterfly Preserve
(Group trip was on Feb 6, but feel free to go on your own. Go soon if you are interested---after mid-Feb, most butterflies are gone).
Aurora Simionescu took some great photos here.
From Dec-Feb, Monarch butterflies winter over in Santa Barbara on their migration route. This pretty butterfly reserve is near UCSB, and is a nice place to while away an hour or so. Nearby, the Ellwood Cliffs make for a great picnic spot.

Grupo Fantasma at SOhO (Feb 12)
There's a good band in town on Saturday, February 12. They come from Austin, TX and play a hard-to-classify brand of Latin/rock/funk music. For a longer description, see the Grupo Fantasma entry on the Club Mercy Presents page or Grupo Fantasma's own website. They were the highlight of the Great Lakes Folk Festival a few years ago and are on their way to Sunday night's Grammy awards as a nominee for best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban album. You don't need to know Spanish to enjoy their high-energy music. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance. Mark Voit will be driving and can take up to four other people (three comfortably, four uncomfortably).

Allosphere Open House (Feb 28)

The UCSB Allosphere is a 30 ft diameter sphere built inside a 3-story cude which allows for synthesis, manipulation, exploration and analysis of large-scale data sets. Take a look at videos here. Those of you want to visualize your simulations/data might be particularly interested, though it's supposed to be just a cool experience. They will have an open house on Monday,February 28, from 4-8 pm in the California NanoSystems Institute, Elings Hall, second floor, room 2621. FYI, a typical tour takes about 30-40
minutes. Tours will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. RSVPs are not required and you are free to bring additional guests. This is about 2 mins walk from KITP---if there is enough interest, we will get a group to go over together.

Cold Springs Tavern (March 13)

We're going to hang out at Cold Springs Tavern on Sunday March 13---outdoor seating, Tri-Tip sandwiches over a BBQ, beer. It's in a rustic tavern that used to be a stagecoach stop out in the mountains. It's a pretty cool experience. Let's say we meet at 12:30. You definitely need a car to get there (unless you have really strong legs to cycle up formidable hills): directions here (you get on Highway 154 from the State Street exit on 101; note that it's in a pretty obscure place, so if you thinkyou're in the boonies, don't lose heart). If you need or can offer a ride, leave your name below.

Whale Watching (April 13)

From 12:00-2:30 p.m., at the specially discounted rate of $16.50 per person. Sign up by Monday, April 11 with Viena Zeitler in room 1508.

Group Dinner

Looking for volunteers to organize weekly group dinners (likely on Thursdays after we have our seminars).

Next group dinner: Thursday January 6th
at 7:30 pm at Galanga on lower State Street.

Please sign up before Jan 6th 16:00
To sign up write your name below here (click on Edit on the right up corner and then Save), indicating:
-if you have a car and how many extra seats you can offer
-if you need a ride
-the number of additional people coming with you

Richard (need a ride)
Matt (can drive and take 3 others)
Dan (need a ride and then back to KITP after)
Lilia (need a ride. Returning to Goleta after)
Marta (need a ride, staying in SB after)

if we do not have enough cars, we'll take together the bus 24X that stops in front of KITP (at 6:35pm)

Dinner & Art, Thursday March 3rd
at Opal on State Street, 8:00 PM. Reservations are made for 8. Beforehand we'll check out the First Thursday art gallery event in the downtown. We will leave the KITP around 6 PM. This should give us an hour and a half to enjoy the art and then head to dinner. Megan and Ian have cars on campus and could drive all of us, unless someone wants to drive as well.

Ian (has car, wants to see art)
Rene (needs ride, wants to see art)
Andrew (needs ride, want to see art)
Daisuke (needs ride, wants to see art too)
Heidi (has a car, wants to see art)
Elena (has a car, wants to see art)
Megan (has car, art+)
Hans (needs ride, art+)

Jazz & Folk Music

SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club . They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Sport Activities

Skiing/Snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain (Feb 26-27)
Daisuke and Carlos are organizing a skiing trip for next weekend. Probably leaving here friday night and coming back sunday night. If you're interested, contact one of us.

Beach Volleyball
Anyone interested in playing beach volleyball? Maybe after/during the Friday socials. Talk to Carlos.