• Andrey. During lunch presentations today , I mentioned that observational constraints on the rates of prompt and delayed SNIa indicate that numerically prompt SNIa (t<~1e8 yrs) are swamped compared to delayed SNIa (t>2e8 yrs). For metallicity issue it depends on what one calls prompt and delayed - i.e., at what t yields would be changing considerably. The reason I defined prompt SNe to be t<2e8 yrs is that SNe progenitors of t~2e8 yrs were part of the previous models before evidence for prompt SNe was discovered. So they are not new. The observational study I referred to is this: Maoz et al. 2010
  • Alexey: sedimentation speed: faster for light elements (mainly because Coulomb drag is proportional to Z2): Gilfanov & Sunyaev 1984, Chuzhoy & Loeb 2004


  • Andrey. I've mentioned new results on entropy profiles in AMR simulations that are much better agreement with observations (i.e., have monotonically decreasing entropy profiles without large core). The paper in question is Dubois et al. 2010 At some point we should have simulation-focused discussion about this issue as there are indications that this result is not unique to AGN feedback but can arise in any scenario where proto-clusters build up steeper pressure gradient in the core.


  • A. Simionescu et al "Baryons at the Edge of the X-ray Brightest Galaxy Cluster ", Science in press,arXiv/1102.2429
  • O. Urban et al. "X-ray Spectroscopy of the Virgo Cluster out to the Virial Radius", MNRAS in press arXiv/1102.2430



  • Special issue of Advances in Astronomy on non-Gaussianity. The issue was edited by Dragan Huterer, Eiichiro Komatsu, and Sarah Shandera and includes 15 (mostly review) articles on cosmological predictions and observational signatures of non-Gaussian features in the primordial fluctuation spectrum.

  • Allen, Evrard and Mantz, Cosmological Parameters from Observations of Galaxy Clusters ARAA (in prep) [PDF (2.0 MB)] 58 page review paper aimed at young scientists entering the field. Contains roughly 300 references. We anticipate a 2011 publication date.
  • Leitner, S. & Kravtsov, A., "Fuel Efficient Galaxies: Sustaining Star Formation with Stellar Mass Loss", 2011, ApJ submitted [arXiv/1011.1252] - paper brought up during Cool Core discussion.